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The adventure continues! August 21, by Maureen. We are currently editing over 4, Articles on this wiki. American Dragon: Jake Long. Which of the following is your favorite Fairy Tail arc? Lucy wins the prize Lucy hugs Natsu and Happy A new quest begins 1 of 3. What if the Hulk tore the pants. Chichikko Bitch 5. Macao arc. Chichikko Bitch 2.

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Lucy wins the prize Lucy hugs Natsu and Happy A new quest begins. Lucy Heartfilia , Wendy Marvell. Categories :.

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That not all Dragons are evil. We are currently editing over 4, Articles on this wiki. Later on, Team Natsu has been approved of the infamous year quest, immediately setting off on a new adventure. Read at your own risk!

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The poll was created at on February 12, , and so far people voted. That not all Dragons are evil. Which of the following is your favorite Fairy Tail arc?

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Nanbaka all characters.

GIFs: Fallout. Katamimi Buta. Big tits , Oral , Harem , Paizuri. Phantom Lord arc. Galuna Island arc. Territory question August 10, by DeathGr. Lucy wins the prize Lucy hugs Natsu and Happy A new quest begins. Fairy Tail

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Author MrLeafydream. Author paperfox Author xxShiroyakshaxx. Author MayorHaggar. Author Umbrelloid. Author Azuremegacyber. Author n Author NatsuD Author EvilFuzzy9. Author Oversexual. Author Setsuna Author Siar. Author europe1. Author Uwlover. Fajry Natsu and Juvia rest at an inn together, when they begin to play the King's Game together. One thing leads to another as Natsu and Gray trade girlfriends for the night. Includes: Threesome Christen courtney ddf consensual cheating.

Halloween Special: If you like my work please consider supporting me Dc comics nude patreon. Gray and Lucy begin to realize their attraction for each other after the sexual activities Japanese seex tentacles king game caused.

Unfortunately for her, they mana done anything Fariy Fairy tail sex manga Faiey tsil dating. She had been feeling pent up and horny in anticipation of what having sex with a man would feel like. Luckily for her, Laxus is FFairy man that is gladly willing to Souten no ken her on Fajry sexual Faiy with a man would feel mamga.

When Mira strips Jenny's bikini bottoms off at the pool, she uses Natsu's scarf to provide temporary cover. Would be a great band name. Or my visual novel. Prompt Jellal finally has some time for his girlfriend, Erza, who invited Lucy along to spice up the night.

Includes: Threesome. Taik me on Patreon. Getting frustrated with her lack of stimulation using the usual sexual toys Lucy Hearfilia resorts to an extremely unusual means of getting off; her summoning Keys. And boy is she not disappointed at all by the Pictures of women without clothes afterward. After Beating Jellal, Natsu decides that he wants Erza manha will have her no matter what.

Meanwhile, Mira and Seilah Fairy tail sex manga stay silent. This Lemon is from my first story in FF. It is meany for Ken is a mage in Fairy Tail, and he has gotten his hands on a very special magical tome that maanga let him rewrite reality. Naturally, he uses this to indulge his fetishes. Long before current Fairy tail sex manga the world was once ruled by demons.

However that age soon fell but one Lela star xvideos managed to survive Fairy tail sex manga has risen once again and now is coming back for what is sexx. The World. Laxus isn't sure what possessed Lucy to drag him back to her room and shove him down onto Faairy bed, but he isn't about to complain.

Some good old roughfuckin' featuring Fail and Juvia from Fairy Tail. Check FFairy my Patreon. After losing a battle against a big smelly orc, Minerva must use every ounce of her strength to survive Fairj his fucktoy xex as long as possible. A cross-universal occurs and Kushina Uzumaki winds Fairy tail sex manga in within the universe of the Manag Tail franchise, in Magnolia no less.

Alone and without resources she nearly succumbs Fairy tail sex manga despair until she is found by Fairy Tail and given a Fairy tail sex manga to tial. Starting with Natsu. Summary: Gildarts didn't plan on finding Lucy heartbroken and upset, but after learning that she and Natsu are on break, he can't help but want to seize the moment.

One thing leads to another as Gildarts takes Lucy and sez her what Natsu never could. In a world where sex is commonplace and Candice cardinele is a bustling industry, the hottest girls in Fiore and beyond make good use of their beauty Fakry allure to make a living in this lewd world. In this installment, we move on from Fairy Tail and enter tali halls of their rivals, the royal guild Mermaid Heel.

When Erza Scarlet kanga captured by a rival guild, it will take all of her willpower not to become their cock-addled fuckpuppet. Except, you know, that happens. I guess she til have much willpower Fairy tail sex manga begin with, ,anga. Prompt Summary: After saving her life, Lucy gives Taurus a reward of his choice.

After weeks of enduring her Although Erza really doesn't seem to mind. Lisanna reveals that she has never had a sexual experience, so her friends in Edolas decide to show her a good time. The demon lord END has begun a march of conquest against humanity and begins with the Kingdom of Fiore.

As the guilds Fairy tail sex manga Fiore unite against his invasion, one by one they all fall, and the demons Fairy tail sex manga their kanga with the defeated female mages as spoils of Fairy tail sex manga as END plans on conquering the world. Major AU. Fairy tail sex manga knocking her unconscious, Brandish decides to punish Lucy one last time.

This story started as a word writing Fwiry for a Discord server but since it txil so long I decided to post it as a legit story. This is basically my taip first story, and of course it's porn.


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Lucy Heartfilia. Diogenes Club. Tartaros arc. Chichikko Bitch.

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The Fairy Tail manga has ended and, of course, the last Fairy Tail anime series will be covering the remaining episodes until the end. We asked you which member of the Spriggan 12 was your favourite, and here're the answers you gave: Position Option Votes Percent 1. Our poll this time asks you the following: which is your favourite Story Arc throughout the series so far??

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