This puzzle mat has a flock covering on one side and is waterproof plastic on the other side so that even spillages of drink will not harm either your Jigthings product or the puzzle pieces on the board. If the jigsaw is being constructed on a board then it can easily be moved out of the way. In order to be able to roll, the material must be a little flexible and elastic but unfortunately those characteristics mean that when the mat is unrolled it doesn't lie flat.

The fabric covering keeps the pieces attached to the surface and this, combined with a raised edge around the outside of the board, ensures that individual pieces are never lost. Puzzle Glues. Have fun!

Homepage Top Backlinks PR sackmesser. The illustration on the right is a section of random cut puzzle. If you are only intending to do a puzzle now and again then maybe a mat will be adequate for your needs but if you intend to really enjoy your puzzling then we advise that you steer well clear.