Several senior government officials had resigned to form opposition parties, while there were suspicions that President Momoh was not serious about political reform. Rodney believes that a desire to take prisoners to sell as slaves to the Europeans was a major motivation to this fighting, and may even have been a driving force behind the original Mane invasions.

The Krio , led by Isaac Wallace-Johnson , opposed the proposals, the main effect of which would have been to diminish their political power. Strictly speaking, a Protectorate does not exist unless the people in it have agreed to be protected. Many had signed treaties of friendship with Britain, but these were expressed as being between sovereign powers contracting with each other; there was no subordination.

Aktuelle Änderungen. Widerstände der unteren sozialen Gruppen, Fremdsklaverei bewies sich als rentabler Fremdsklaven meistens Kriegsgefangene v.