A particular feature of this RGB is that dry descending stratospheric air is marked by a reddish colour. SkyStef's weather page.

During the year we normally have one or two cloudy nights per months, except in January February where we can have anywhere from one week which was the case in to three weeks covered by clouds which was the case in In this RGB combination thin high level ice clouds appear black and can be distinguished from thick clouds which appear red.

Not so long ago the Brown Argus was a fairly scarce butterfly at Dungeness but numbers have increased considerably in recent years. At the end of the tour, the bus tries to bring you as close as possible to your hotel close to the cementery for the hotels further away than this sector , with the exception of Hotel Alto Atacama for which you need a 4x4 to pass the river and Atacama Adventure, which is also completely out of the way some hotels chose their name eloquently.